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Joselito Sliced Lomo Pork Loin 70g Dry Aged 6 Months - Sliced Vacuum Sealed Pack

Spanish Pig

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This amazing lomo (pork loin) has a touch of smoke and paprika along with a soft texture. It's  red-purple meat with a light degree of marbling, which develops an immense and unctuous flavour when tasting, provides you with that characteristic touch of paprika which gives the lomo so much personality.


The ingredients of Joselito Sliced Lomo are: pork loin, sea salt, paprika, garlic and sugar.


The Joselito Sliced Lomo goes through a natural curing process of more than 6 months.


Remove the Joselito Lomo from the cold storage at least 2 hours before consumption.


To fully enjoy the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Pork Loin, it is recommended to consume it at room temperature.


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