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Manchego Cheese & Membrillo Tapas Kit

Spanish Pig

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Manchego cheese and membrillo (quince paste) are the perfect partners and make a delicious and traditional Spanish appetizer.

The manchego is aged for 12 months, giving it a sharper, nutier flavour and a firmer, more brittle texture. Membrillo, or quince paste, is a firm, fruity complement to the cheese, which tastes like a combination of pear, apple and citrus. The sharpness of the cheese with the fruity sweetness of the membrillo is a delicious combination that you're going to love.

Simply cut slices or triangles of the manchego and then cut a small piece of the membrillo, and place it on top. Serve with some crackers on the side or along with some more cured meats for a fantastic Spanish appetizer platter. 

Each kit includes:

D.O.P. Gran Valle de Montecelo Manchego cheese. Aged 12 months (approx 350g)

Mas Vel Organic Quince Paste (400g)

Don Pelayo Regaña Crispy Breadsticks (35g)