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Tapas Box

Spanish Pig

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This is packed with crowd pleasers and no doubt will be a lovely surprise to that loved one, client or colleague.  

Salchichon and chorizo by Marcos are utterly delicious and perfect to place on a charcuteria board along with the Sierra Serrano ham. The Sarasa olives are a big favourite at Spanish Pig and you will be able to tell why when you taste these delicious morsels. Have you ever had marcona almonds before? Do not confuse them with Californian almonds- these are so much tastier and to top things off, our Olive Oil Nogal Marcona almonds, simply delicious!

Have you had Hot Peperetes Sardines before? They are so tender and yummy and one of our biggest sellers at Spanish Pig.

To finish, some lovely snacking chorizos by Goikoa, popular with kids and adults alike!

Que aproveche!