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Hand Carved Bellota Collection

Spanish Pig

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This beautifully presented box includes four different kinds of hand carved bellota hams (two of which are hand carved in Canada) and is a brilliant way of tasting the differences between these four producers of the best ham in the World. Learn all about this incredible ham in our Hogs blog

This will make an amazing gift or perhaps turn an average meal into one that you will be thinking about for years to come?

This magnetic box includes the following hand carved hams; 

100g of Cinco Jotas Bellota Ham

70g of Joselito Gran Reserva Bellota Ham

50g of Montaraz Unico Bellota Ham

50g of Blazquez Bellota Ham

We also include a box of bread squares, made with extra virgin olive oil that is a delicious contrast in texture with the bellota ham.

Que aproveche!