Spanish Pig Exclusive- Joselito Ham Vintage 2013- Iberico de Bellota (acorn fed)- Dry Aged 9 Years! 70g

Spanish Pig

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Exclusive to Spanish Pig is this utterly amazing bellota ham by Joselito (voted the best ham in the World). It has been cured for no less than 8 years. 

In some exceptional cases, Joselito ham is elevated to the Vintage category and can take more than 82 months for curing. A unique process in the world, without shortcuts, without haste, that elevates this gastronomic jewel to the category of Sublime.

Each Joselito Ham carries an identifying number with its vintage, like the great wines of the world, so that our clients can assess the result of the curing time and the nuances that emerge from each vintage. Joselito is the first producer to present each ham in reference to its vintage.

The result is a ham that is bursting with umami flavours and perfectly balanced sensations. The fat is between golden and pinkish with a soft and unctuous consistency.

A smooth flavour, alternating sweet and salty in perfect harmony with a fragrance that recalls the aroma of the Mediterranean forest with a fruity dominance.