Ekone Oyster Co. Albacore Premium Tuna

Spanish Pig

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The finest quality albacore tuna wild caught in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, using dolphin safe fishing methods. Carefully hand packed and lightly salted, each can contains only quality tuna meat with a touch of salt, no added water or oil, letting the canning process highlight the superior natural flavors of the fish.

Located on the shores of Willapa Bay in Washington State, Ekone Oyster Company is proud to bring you the finest quality Pacific Oysters. Willapa Bay is a large estuary in the southwest corner of Washington. It is considered the cleanest and most productive coastal ecosystem remaining in the continental United States. For over thirty-five years, the family at Ekone and five generations of Taylors have been producing quality, local and sustainable products.

  • Ingredients: albacore tuna, salt
  • 99g