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Herpac Mojama - Dry Cured Tuna 290g

Spanish Pig

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We are excited to present mojama to our clients; this is a product that we have been waiting for with anticipation at Spanish Pig. The ham of the sea! Cured naturally with the exposure to sunlight and sea breeze of the southern coast. We like it so much we wrote a blog on it!

Approx. 290 g | Vacuum Pack

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Description: Naturally dry-cured tuna (using the winds from the Strait of Gibraltar).


  • Dry-cured tuna pieces found along the spine
  • Salted and stacked in layers interspersed with sea salt, later to be rinsed and allowed to naturally dry through exposure to sunlight and sea breeze
  • This supplier is one of the few companies using an authentic natural drier that opens to the winds from the Strait of Gibraltar, which naturally cures the product
  • TSG (Traditional Speciality Guaranteed)

Ingredients: Tuna (Thunnus albacares), salt.

Storage: Keep refrigerated.