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Peperetes Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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Do you know someone who loves seafood? Did you know that canned seafood of this quality is considered a delicacy in Spain and is slowly taking over food lovers all over Canada? Los Peperetes is a fine example of capturing the sea in a can, the quality of these morsels are out of this World good.  Some highlights are the Percebes (goose barnacles), one of the most sought out seafoods in the World, along with the cockles, which are as fresh as the day they were picked (actually they are because that is when they are canned by hand). Not to mention the delicious octopus, mussels, squid in its own ink and finally the sardines, everyone's favourite.

Beautifully presented in a Peperetes box and sent straight to the recipients door. 

Que aproveche!

 * From time to time we may need to replace some components with other very similar items

In the Box (120 g each can)

Octopus in Olive Oil 

Percebes (Goose Barnacles) 

Berberechos (cockles) 


Small squid in Ink

Small sardines in Olive Oil