Manchego Artisan Cheese, Semi-Cured "Nuestra Señora De Fuentes" (250g)

Spanish Pig

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We love this semi-cured manchego cheese, with its natural crust of brown colour, light ivory interior and creamy texture. Made with raw milk from Manchega sheep and matured for a minimum of 60 days, it is an aromatic and silky Manchego cheese, with a pleasant buttery aftertaste.

We like to pair this with a young white wine, such as a verdejo or a nice amber ale.  It also pairs lovely with crunchy breadsticks, quince paste and of course, grapes.

Ingredients: Raw manchega sheep´s milk, salt, rennet, lactic cultures, stabilizer E-509 and preservatives: Lysozyme(egg)

Allergens: Milk, lusozyme (egg)