Pimentón Picante de la Vera- Las Hermanas Smoked Hot Paprika 70g (Copy)

Spanish Pig

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A small tin, full of intensity! For lovers of spicy and strong flavours, who cook at home in small quantities, our tin is definitely the best choice.

"Pimentón" de la Vera paprika is obtained by grinding smoked, ripe peppers. They are smoked over oak wood which gives off the ideal amount of heat needed to dehydrate the pepper fruit. This process gives "pimentón" de la Vera paprika its three main characteristics: aroma, flavour, and colour stability.

Presented in a beautiful tin, with the unique image and packaging of Las Hermanas, this convenient container can be left anywhere in your kitchen and pantry, to keep your smoked paprika in optimal condition and to have it at hand.


We recommend keeping it in a cool and dry place.


Dried smoked pepper 99%, sunflower oil. 


One small can with a net weight of 70g (2.47 oz).