ABC+ Octopus "Caldeirada" Sauce, 120g

Spanish Pig

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All the complexities of traditional Portuguese stew, ready at the crack of a can. Warming onion, garlic, and tomato transform this decadent cephalopod to transport your tastebuds to Portugal.

Octopus is a delicacy appreciated in many parts of the world, with Portugal being no exception. Many traditional Portuguese dishes use this famous cephalopod as their main star, and a conserva stew is one of their finest. This stew is designed to deliver a Portuguese tradition in a tin. It takes simple ingredients (tomato, onion, garlic) in the right ratios to provide the traditional flavors of Caldeirada we have come to know and love.

SERVING: Alongside squid ink risotto, atop crusty bread with an herbal salad, shared with friends and good conversation
MADE IN: Portugal