Alalunga Hake Loins in Green Sauce (Salsa Verde)

Spanish Pig

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European Hake cooked in Green Sauce. Hake tails in the typical seafood sauce. They are handmade from fresh fish. Alalunga source their hake from La lonjas de Celeiro in Lugo or/and Pasajes en Guipúzcoa. This is where the best pieces that can be obtained from Spanish suppliers of hake, a favourite fish among many Spaniards.


Keep in a cool, dry place. For an optimal experience, it is recommended to consume at room temperature and in its entirety once the can has been opened.


This is an already prepared dish ready to enjoy, so you have nothing to worry about or cook for hours, you just have to heat the closed can by immersing it in a container with very hot water for at least a couple of minutes, dry the can and eat it whole once opened. 



Hake, Onion, Hake Fumet, Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil (9.5%), Garlic, Parsley, and Spring Salt.


Net Weight 138g (4.87oz)

Drained Weight 86g (3.03oz)