Ati Manel Octopus in Garlic Sauce 110g

Spanish Pig

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Octopus caught in the Atlantic and canned by hand on the spot. Paired with garlic to accentuate its soft, meaty flavor.

A story told between snacks and business:

The Octopus was lonely. Discreet and camouflaged, only once in a while he was visible: he painted sea water with his ink, to confuse those who pursued him. If they followed him, it was because they admired his qualities. Partnerships were constantly being proposed. And, among so many candidate partners, one day, the Octopus chose the garlic: he guessed good partners in them, with his feet on the ground in fertile ground. And it was garlic for an eye. And it was octopus eye for garlic clove. And garlic head for octopus heart and so on. It was an immediate success. Until today, society has been preserved and, today more than ever, everyone recommends it.