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Blazquez Salchichon Iberico Vela (200g)

Spanish Pig

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The quality of the meat is very evident in this mouth watering piece of cured meat. Jamón Ibérico is a breed of pig, most famous for its ruby red colour, nutty aromas and divine taste. Known commonly as the black footed pig, it can be found in the western part of Spain near Salamanca. The pigs are raised humanely and roam freely in the woods and pastures. Traditional artisanal methods are used in all areas of production and we believe that this quality can be tasted in our product. Once seasoned, the Salchichon Ibérico is hung to cure in a mountain town where the weather, wind and seasons play a large role in the delicious taste and texture. Serve on a platter, meat board or tapas spread. Spanish cheeses, olives and wine go well with this impressive Salchichon Iberico sausage.


Size: 150-180 g

Ingredients: Iberico pork, salt, seasoning (dexrose, dextrin), garlic, seasoning (sugar, trisodium citrate, sodium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium ascorbate), nutmeg, black pepper, white pepper.