Cebo Ibérico Ham Shoulder Semi Bone-in Carving Kit

Spanish Pig

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This semi-bone-in piece of Ibérico ham was artisan cured and it's meant to be easily carved. A skinless and fatless flavourful delight is ready to be set up on your ham stand and creates an enjoyable experience for the whole family.


Grain-fed Ibérico Ham Shoulder (3-4 kg)
Wood Ham Holder
Carving Knife & Knife Sharpener
In Spain, we called Ibérico shoulder ham- "paleta" which is obtained from the forelegs of the Iberian pigs. Ham Shoulder undergoes a similar curing process to the Ibérico ham (known as "Jamón," from the back legs), but based on different cuts of pork they behave differently under the knife and on the tongue and have their distinct characteristics.

"Paleta de cebo Ibérica 50% Raza Ibérica Semi Deshuesada" Cebo Semi bone-in Shoulder Ham, a 50-75% Iberian Breed originally came from Guijuelo, Salamanca in northwestern Spain. The pigs have been fed on natural feedings and pastures within 15-20 months of curing time.


Ideally consumed the ham at room temperature, approximately 24 degrees.


Our Semi Bone-In Shoulder ham lasts 1 year when not opened. Store the Shoulder ham in a dry and cool ventilated place. Always cover the sliced area with plastic wrap to preserve freshness and moisture when opened. Semi-bone-in shoulder ham can last for 2-3 months if properly cared for. Avoid exposure to insects or high temperatures.