Chickpeas La Catedral de Navarra (600g)

Spanish Pig

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600 g. Net weight
400 g. Drained weight


These are not like your canned store bought chickpeas. These have a lovely texture and firmness that will make an amazing chickpea salad. Packed naturally  in their own liquid, water, and salt. Ready to eat. These gourmet vegetables from La Catedral de Navarra boast an outstanding and refined flavor.

This brand focuses on preserving the flavor and texture of the recently hand-picked harvested vegetables. Rigor in the quality, and care is taken during handling and processing of the vegetables.

The products are elaborated and preserved immediately on arrival from the field, and each step of the process is intended to safeguard their full authentic flavor.


Chickpeas, water, salt

Viuda de Cayo Sainz, S.L
(Navarra) España Spain