Señorio de Olivenza "Don Ramón" 100% Iberico de Bellota Shoulder Ham- 100g - Sliced- Aged 36 months

Spanish Pig

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This cut of ham is from the shoulder which tends to be more economical than the ham pertaining from the rear legs and at Spanish Pig we love it just as much as.

Spanish Pig is happy to be able to bring you this bellota ham that has a melt-in-your-mouth texture along with the characteristic nutty flavor that is imparted from the pigs diet.  It is no coincidence that bellota ham is known to foodies around the World as the finest ham that exist. Its health qualities mean that eating Ibérico de Bellota ham, in moderation of course, can actually help reduce cholesterol. 

We love this ham and we highly recommend it.

Size: 100g
Ingredients: Ibérico Ham, Sea Salt

• Acorn-fed, free-range ibérico pigs- shoulder
• CFIA Approved
• Aged over 36 months
• Gluten free