Fangst Cockle- Limfjord Cockles- Hjertemusling

Spanish Pig

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Clams in oil of any kind are a rare sight to behold, and along with their meaty, bouncy, buttery taste, a chief reason these cockles from Fangst are a must try.

The cold waters of Denmark’s fjords (a Scandinavian name for estuary) make for cockles that are clean, mild, meaty, and firm. The addition of locally sourced, organic, cold-pressed rapeseed oil gives the clams extra body and a buttery bite, making them perfect for dunking with crusty bread and dowsing with lemon juice or tossing with orecchiette, capers, and chili flake.

TASTING: buttery, firm, meaty, rich

PAIRING: vodka, dry white wine, pickled sweet pepper

INGREDIENTS: Cockles, Cold-Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Salt.

CAUGHT IN: Denmark
California Prop 65