Ferrer Romesco Sauce (130 g)

Spanish Pig

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This traditional Catalonian sauce is the perfect accompaniment to grilled vegetables, pork and fish. 

It is so versatile that at Spanish Pig we always have one handy in our fridge. One of our favourite ways to eat this sauce is with Ibérico pork, grilled peppers, onion and zuchinni. For a vegetarian meal, try it with halloumi and roasted veggies.

This product is made by Ferrer, a company founded in 1964 and located in Santpedor, Barcelona, Catalonia.


Allergens: Sulphites
Egg-free and gluten-free
Free of lactose, milk and dairy products
Suitable for vegetarians
Antioxidant properties and high in fibre
Ingredients: Tomato, sunflower oil, olive oil, water, tree nuts, vinegar, garlic, sugar, sweet paprika, black pepper, salt. Contains: Tree nuts.

Storage: Refrigerate after opening and consume within a month.