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Ferrer Salsa Brava Sauce (320 g)

Spanish Pig

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If you have ever had a tapa/ración of delicious patatas bravas you will want to try this salsa brava sauce by Ferrer. Just the right amount of heat and gives a plate of potatoes a new lease of life. You can cube some potatoes and deep frie or Spanish Pig´s recommendation is to buy frozen home fries, cook them as per the instructions and poor over some warmed up salsa brava sauce. It will feel like you are in a tapas bar in la Cava Baja in Madrid! 

Description: Traditional Spanish sauce perfect with potatoes, meat, squids and barbeques.


Allergens: Sulphites and nuts
Egg-free and gluten-free
Free of lactose, milk and dairy products
Suitable for vegetarians
Rich in vitamins K and E and iodine
Ingredients: Tomatoes, water, sunflower oil, sugar, vinegar, tree nuts, garlic, spices, salt, xanthan gum. Contains: Tree nuts.

Storage: Refrigerate after opening and consume within a month.

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This product is made by Ferrer, a company founded in 1964 and located in Santpedor, Barcelona, Catalonia.

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A story over 50 years in the making.
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