Gueyu Mar Atun Rojo Lomo Bajo Brasa - Chargrilled Dark Meat Tuna

Spanish Pig

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Oh my, oh my. There is canned tuna and then there is Wild almadraba red tuna. This is ultra high quality black loin braised with holm oak wood and preserved in “Arbequino de Castillo Canena” extra virgin olive oil. This is a delicacy that will wow you with every bite.

Enjoy right out of the can, plated, or in any conserved tuna recipe. Chef Abel recommends heating ever so slightly at low temperature for maximum expression.

From a remote village in Asturias, Spain comes the most exciting, new conservas project on the peninsula. Chef Abel Álvarez has reimagined how conservas can be produced. He selects the finest seafood from the region and chargrills them before canning. A very innovative and gastronomic approach to canned seafoods.

Güeyu Mar’s Canned Chargrilled Products are the product of Abel Alvarez’s fondness for quality cans and his obsession with innovating. After many years of research, he has succeeded in canning the seafood that he cooks on his grill, keeping its impeccable flavor, aroma and texture. He started braising and canning sardines and continued with razor clams, cockles, tuna and mussels. Now, he continues investigating new possibilities that will surely surprise us with their originality and courage.

Ingredients: white tuna loin, extra virgin olive oil