IASA Grilled Mediterranean Sea Bass in Olive Oil – Branzino Grigliato

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Mediterranean sea bass, or Branzino in Italy, has been long prized by Europeands and is known for its beautifully prestine white fillets and delicate with a very slight sweet flavour.

To make this delicacy, the very talented people at IASA start with sustainably farmed branzino fished from waters off the coast of Campania. The fish is then cleaned, gently grilled and hand-packed in tins with mild olive oil, which allows the subtle smokiness and nuanced flavor of the fish to come through. IASA’s recipe is homage to the tradition of fisherman grilling fresh-caught branzino and drenching the fillets with olive oil.

IASA's grilled brazino's soft smokiness calls out for simple preparations—serve on grilled crostini drizzled abundantly with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt enjoy over lightly dressed greens or gently flake and toss into a well dressed green salad.  However, you will also find me at times eating directy out of the can,  no shame in that!