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Jamon de Bellota (acorn fed) Blazquez (50g)- Hand Carved -50% Iberico

Spanish Pig

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Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is one of the most luxurious cured meats in the World. This will melt in your mouth and will be unlike any other ham you have tasted, just ask anyone who has had the fortune of tasting it! Often compared to Kobe Beef in terms of it’s superior quality, Ibérico de Bellota is considered a Spanish delicacy.

For your convenience this Iberico ham is available hand carved.The rich, nutty flavours come from the extensive diet of acorns in which the iberico pigs eats in the fall months. High in mono-saturated fats and marbled unlike any other pork, Iberico de Bellota is a delicacy in the gastronomy world.

Admiración bellota ham is the universal ambassador for Blazquez's commitment to Gastronomy and Haute Cuisine. It represents the utmost quality developed by Blázquez over decades of tradition, and is the guarantor of the trust between professionals and their demanding clients and diners. A flavour that is the exquisite result of feeding based on seasonal acorns and a minimum cure between 3 and 5 years. It is the finest gastronomic delicacy to be found on any luxury establishment's menu.