Jose Gourmet Olive Oil with Lemon, 250g

Spanish Pig

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Sweet summertime vibes infuse this citrusy gem. A bright burst of fruit, light silky feel, and sunny fragrance complement extra virgin olive oil with gusto.

A culinary essential for centuries, lemons juice up the senses with aromatherapy. Their tantalizing flavor is joyful and serene; and they pack a punch with vitamin C. Add superior quality Portuguese olive oil and dreams of a Mediterranean lifestyle come true.

This lemony lusciousness is the real deal. It is a brilliant companion for dishes and fishes galore…and an absolute must-have in any cozinha or kitchen.

Serving: stir into seafood sauce; brighten up paellas; sprinkle on conservas
Region: Portel, Portugal

Ingredients: olives, oil, lemon