Jose Gourmet Spiced Small Sardines

Spanish Pig

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Concentrated flavours for you to savour this nuanced tin of treasures.

Petinga sardines are unique for the robust taste they pack in such small stature. Spiced with potent piri-piri and laurel, then mixed with pickles, cloves, carrots, and pepper, these small swimmers are nothing if not mighty.

Crack open your favorite bottle, bring the crusty bread, and let JOSE take you on a trip to the land of spice and nice.

PAIRING: sparkling whites, fresh reds, seasonal/brown ales, and refreshing spirits (gin, tequila, sherry)
SERVING: alongside robust pickles, starring in creamy paella rice, atop crusty bread
INGREDIENTS: petinga sardines, extra virgin olive oil, pickles, carrots, pepper, clove, piri-piri, laurel
REGION: Portugal