Joselito Caña de Lomo (Pork Loin) Tube

Spanish Pig

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Another exclusive to Spanish Pig!!

This beauty is a half piece of cured pork loin by Joselito, and not any kind of pork loin, this is black hoofed Ibérico pig pork loin. Cured by the masters at Joselito for 8 months minimum, producing an intense and sweet, yet fresh flavours. Tempered by fine flashes of paprika that transport us to the fields of acorns and green pastures, and slowly enriched by a curing process in natural drying chambers. Its texture, affectionate and gentle on biting is a perfect combination of distinguished creaminess, juiciness and tenderness. The initial burst of flavour is exhuberant; it subtly and fully caresses the palate encouraging you to try more.

The lomo weights a min. of 450g and is presented in a beautiful package. This would make an amazing gift or simply treat yourself next time you have loved ones over for a special meal. The only thing you will regret will be not have bought more!

Ingredients: Pok loin, sea salt, paprika, garlic and sugar

Conserve somewhere cool and dry. 

Consume between 20c and 25c 

It is recommended to take the pork loin 23 hours prior to consuming, to enjoy the full flavour and aroma.