Dry Aged 60 Months- Joselito Jamón Gran Reserva Vintage Bellota Ham. Cut to Order in Canada. 100 Grams.

Spanish Pig

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**100 Grams, cut to order in Canada **

Spanish Pig is offering cut to order Joselito ham, shipped straight to your door.  

This jamon comes with varying shades from deep red to pale pink, with numerous bright marbled fat that melts in your mouth. The flavour is mild and delicate, slightly sweet at first, and the sublime unctuousness of the fat melting on the palate is a delightful surprise.

 Joselito Ham is not like any other. Its shape is elongated and stylized and its flesh is fragrant and delicate, has a glossy appearance and a colour between pink and purple red. It is finely marbled by the fat of the acorn which gives it a beautiful marble look and gives it great juiciness and a fine texture. The fat, which is one of the great secrets of the Iberian ham, is very aromatic and so fluid that it melts in the mouth flooding the palate with an incomparable flavour, full of nuances, intense and prolonged taste.

See those white spots on the ham? That is a sign of a good quality ham. Read more here.

Iberian ham fat has a high percentage of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, similar to those contained in olive oil and therefore helps to maintain an adequate level of cholesterol in the blood. More information on Joselito and health

 In addition, Joselito Ham is rich in protein and contains vitamin B1, iron, zinc and magnesium, and is a totally natural food.



The ingredients of the Joselito ham are: Iberian ham and sea salt.

* Gluten free


More than 60 months of natural maturing!


The Joselito Sliced ham should be kept refrigerated.


To enjoy the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Sliced Ham, it is recommended to remove it from the fridge at least 60 min before consumption.


For a greater enjoyment of the organoleptic qualities of the Joselito Ham it is advisable to consume it at room temperature.