La Brujula Sea Urchin Roes In Brine (110g)

Spanish Pig

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Ingredients: sea urchin roes, water, and salt.

From the fresh waters of the Rías Baixas in Galicia, these sea urchin roes capture the flavour of the sea like no other product. The sea urchins are caught using the apnea technique that respects the environment and preserves the seabed. They are a bright orange in color with a sweet flavor (a characteristic shared with the rest of the Rías Baixas seafood) and an amazing fresh sea smell. The liquid for this conserva only has water and salt and is "made to measure" for each tin.

Rich and colourful, these luxurious roe will not only add an unami hit of flavour to your recipes, but also a beautiful vibrant colour to your plate. In terms of preparation, think of it similar to caviar. Sea urchin roe are sometimes spread on a cracker or toasted bread to highlight its flavour. It is also commonly stirred through long pasta like tagliatelli or added to scrambled eggs. Butter infused with sea urchin roe is also a delicious option to add to with other seafood dishes.