La Brujula Sardines (Do Xeito) in Olive Oil

Spanish Pig

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At Spanish Pig we pride ourselves in having the largest selection of gourmet sardines in Canada. These lovely sardinillas are a shout out to sardine lovers (and we know there are plenty of you out there), you will love these sardines from La Brujula! 

These sardines are caught utilizing the Galician Xeito technique, a unique fishing approach which involves a boat drifting loose with a net cloth that catches the sardines as they pass through. The fish are not bruised, and the raw material is not destroyed, as is the case with other fishing methods. These sardines are processed on the same day, preserving their utmost freshness. To obtain the proper texture, these sardines are painstakingly cleaned and gutted before being steam roasted. They are packed one by one and dipped in extra virgin olive oil until they are completely covered.

Undoubtedly one La Brujula’s jewels, these Small Sardines do Xeito in Olive Oil are tender but firm, and have a fresh, slightly salty flavor.


Sardines are a great addition to your pantry because they are simple but delicious. Serve flaky pieces with mustard or pepper on crackers, sauté fillets with garlic, onions, and tomatoes, or place the entire can in a salad. Sardines can also be used as a stuffing for stuffed peppers, in a nice blended dip, or even in a pesto.

These sardines are delicious on toast or in open-faced sandwiches. Toss them into your salads or use them to make sardine rillettes!


La Brujula is a Spanish business that produces a wide range of canned and tinned seafood specialties. It is a company that values the ocean and all of its inhabitants, preferring sustainable fishing and catching procedures, and hand-processing whenever possible. From the moment the seafood arrives at port to the moment it reaches your table, they take great care and pride in how they handle it. All of La Brujula’s artisan canned seafood is hand-processed, meaning each fish, clam, etc, is cleaned and packed one at a time to ensure that only the best is selected and that you receive a consistently high-quality, delicious product.

 It is a product free of additives and preservatives. Que aproveche!