La Brújula Seafood Selection Box

Spanish Pig

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We love the presentation of the best of canned seafood from Galicia's “La Brújula”. 

The gift box includes:

- ZAMBURIÑAS-SMALL SCALLOPS IN SAUCE: This is one of the most popular La Brujula products, a success due to the excellent quality of the raw material as well as its characteristic 100% artisan sauce.

- SARDINA DO XEITO- SARDINES DO XEITO in olive oil: These sardines have the peculiarity of their fishing method. They are captured using the Xeito technique, a traditional technique that consists of a net cloth, which the boat drifts loose and captures those sardines as they pass through the net.

- SARDINE FILLETS W/O SKIN: These gourmet sardine Fillets are hand-picked and processed with discreetly remove the skin and bones from the fish, lightly steamed, placed in salt and olive oil and finally hand-packed into cans. Probably one of our top three favourite canned sardines we have tried (and we have tried a lot!).

VENTRESCA DE ATÚN - YELLOWFIN TUNA BELLY in olive oil: The "ventresca" is the triangular part of the tuna belly from the head. This part of the fish is the most tender and is considered a delicacy due to its intense flavor. Not to be compared with store bought tuna, this stuff is gorgeous.