La Pastora Organic Smoked Paprika Pearls 50g

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Organic smoked paprika pearls, in jars of 50 grams to give a professional touch to your dishes. The product has multiple applications in haute cuisine.

Product formed by balls of about 3 mm, creamy texture and bright orange coloration. Developed from organic smoked paprika, which gives it an intense aroma. Certificated an organic product by the Murcia Counsel of Organic Agriculture.

Ingredients: Wáter, 6% Organic smoked paprika ,organic potato starch,salt, sodium alginate,citric acid and xantham gum

About La Pastora:

“Luis Sánchez García e Hijas, SL “La Pastora” is a prestigious Murcian family business from birth, producer of 100% Pure Paprika and other gourmet products based on paprika.

Descendant of a first generation founded in 1945, La Pastora was born in the third generation in 1996 with a paternalistic leadership model inherited from the mother company. The four Sánchez García Sisters soon turn it into a leadership company with professional and institutional vision, creating family and corporate governance bodies, and paying attention, respect, and elevating the members of the Family to the status they deserve.”

Product of Spain.