Lomo Ibérico 100% Bellota. Ibérico Acorn-fed Pork Loin 100% Ibérico Breed- Antonio Romero. 700g

Spanish Pig

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The most coveted of Iberian sausages. Through a rigorous selection process,  the prime muscle pieces from Iberico pigs are selected. The meat is then marinated and expertly stuffed into casings. This marks the beginning of a natural curing process that spans six months, resulting in a sausage with a distinctive flavour profile and unparalleled quality.

For optimal enjoyment, store our products in a cool and dry place. Once opened, refrigerate to preserve their freshness. To fully appreciate the richness of our offerings, allow them to breathe for 30 minutes at room temperature before indulging. 


Store in a cool and dry place. Keep me refrigerated once opened.


Open me 30 minutes before consumption at room temperature.