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Los Cameros Cured (75+ days) Goat Cheese (750g)

Spanish Pig

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Created by the master cheesemaker Francisco Javier Martinez, Spanish Pig presents the rediscovery of the ancient recipe for Goat’s Cheese made long ago in La Rioja.

This product is made using goat’s milk from farms in La Rioja that belongs to the P.D.O. Queso Camerano, following a traditional recipe and always using goat rennet. This is a full flavor, very intense and slightly lactic cheese. Deep fragrance of natural ripening, with hints of goat, wild herb and natural cave. Cream white color and firm and brittle texture. Rind finely marked by the cilla (a traditional wicker mold). With this cheese, we invite you to taste the gastronomical heritage from La Rioja.

Ingredients: Pasteurized oat milk, salt, goat rennet, calcium chloride, lactic ferments and egg white lysozyme