El Navarrico "Alcachofas Rellenas" Stuffed Artichokes with Prawn and Scallop

Spanish Pig

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After going through a rigorous selection process, El Navarrico stuffs the artichokes with scallops and prawns and covers them with a light artichoke sauce. Prepared for heating and tasting.

El Navarrico artichokes stuffed with scallops and prawns are selected, peeled, emptied, stuffed, and placed in their tin in a completely manual way so that they arrive at your home in the form of an authentic, artisan product.


Store in a cool and dry place. Once opened, keep it refrigerated.


It is the perfect ready-made product to eat at any time, just heat it up and it is ready to eat. Tasty, simple, and quick to prepare.


Artichokes (56%), artichoke broth (6% ), cow's milk, white wine (6% ), extra virgin olive oil (4.4%), wheat flour, scallops (3%), prawns (1.5%), onion, sugar, and salt. Contains milk, mollusks, and crustaceans.

Contains gluten.


Net weight 440g.

Capacity 425ml.