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Olive Oil and Olives Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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Did you know that Spain is the biggest producer of Olive oil in the World? You wouldn't think so by walking the oil aisle of Canadian supermarkets would you?  It actually produces half of the World's olive oil!

Here are two beautiful examples; First our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil from 100 % Arbequina olives, certified organic. It produces a very fluid and sweet oil, almost impossible to perceive bitter or peppery flavors. Its olive oil has a fruity aroma of olives, apple, banana and almond. 

Up next is our Naturvie Extra Virgin olive oil. Olives are picked by hand during the first full moon in October and pressed within the hour by the 150 members of the Full Moon Olive Oil Club! Fancy or what?! An Intense and very complex aroma of green grass, tomato plant, banana, green kiwi and citric. Sweet, velvety, long lasting with delicious astringency of green vegetables and a final touch of green pepper.

For the olive lover in your life, they will be impressed with the two varieties of Jose Lou's olives.


Products in the Gift Box

Naturvie Extra Virgin Olive Oil 

Organic Llum del Mediterrani Premium Arbequina Olive Oil 

Jose Lou Manzanilla Olives stuffed with anchovies

 Jose Lou Campesino Style Olives