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Paella Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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Make the most traditional of all Spanish dishes - paella! Did you know that the name paella comes from the pan itself? We have included an enamel 34 cm paella pan, 2 bags (1kg each) of authentic bomba rice from premium producers Illa De Riu, so that you can make several paellas!

Also included are some paella seasoning sachets (5), some saffron (the seasoning sachets has some saffron in it but you may want to add some more) along with La Gallina Blanca seafood stock. This kit will enable you to make several paellas before needing to replenish the rice.

Note: you will need to buy your own seafood, meat and vegetables separately. 

* From time to time we may need to replace some components with other very similar items (but different brands).