Ramon Peña Small Sardines with Padron Peppers in Olive Oil

Spanish Pig

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•    20/25 count

•    Packed in Olive Oil with PADRON PEPPERS
•    All natural, preservative free Conservas
•    Imported from the Galician region of Spain

Canned seafood (Conservas) in Spain is considered a delicacy and is enjoyed country-wide in restaurants and bars. Unlike other sardines that have a strong fishy taste, the Ramon Pena Sardines are tender and mild - this version is packed in olive oil with Padron Peppers!. The sardines are harvested off the Galician coast and immediately brought to the nearby canning facility. The close proximity ensures that they are packed when still fresh so that when you open the can at home it’s as if you just caught them yourself!

Size: 130 g
Ingredients: Small sardines, olive oil, padron peppers and salt