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Ramon Peña Squid (Chipirones) in Olive Oil (110g- 4/6 Count)

Spanish Pig

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• 4/6 count

• Conservas imported from the Galician region in Spain
• Hand packed in Olive Oil
• Spanish delicacy

Canned shellfish (Conservas) in Spain is considered a delicacy, and is enjoyed country wide in restaurants and bars. Squid, or Chipirones, harvested off the Galician coast are very tender. Each squid (stuffed with its tenticles) is delicately placed in the can, filled with olive oil and sealed for freshness. Warm the can in hot water for 3-5 minutes and serve with crusty bread.

Size: 110 g

Ingredients: Squid, olive oil, salt

Ingrédients: Calmars, huile d'olive, sel