Scout Atlantic Canadian Lobster with Lemon Olive Oil (90g)

Spanish Pig

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Scout's Atlantic Lobster is a classic. Claw and knuckle meat preserved in a bright, lemon-infused, olive oil from Spain for a fresh and delicious eating experience. The Lobster is MSC-certified, wild caught, and harvested off the shores of Prince Edward Island, Canada.A taste of the cold Atlantic waters has never been simpler.

What a treat! We really enjoyed this lobster as a topping on a seafood risotto. We also love using it as part of a creamy, herby filling for a classic lobster roll.

Scout is a North American craft seafood cannery based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Their mission is to be the most trusted seafood brand in North America, while reducing food waste and protecting oceans and waterways.

Ingredients: Atlantic lobster claw and knuckle meat, lemon-infused olive oil