El Paeller Seafood Paella Kit (1.9kg Net)

Spanish Pig

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This seafood paella kit is so good. It is as close as we have tried to a high end paella restaurant in Spain. The essence of any paella is always the stock that is used to cook the rice in and this one is very special. This is seafood paella par excellence. With an elaborated seafood broth of shrimps, cuttlefish, shrimp and crabs. The firewood used to cook the stock becomes one more ingredient that adds an extraordinary flavour to the rice.

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Each pack contains the seafood broth (including seafood) and rice for 3 to 4 people.

The elaboration is authentically handmade with natural ingredients. The cooking is interrupted and the broth is bottled at the ideal moment, maintaining all its nutritional properties and all the flavor.


Seafood stock water, crabs, galleys, prawns, extra virgin olive oil, natural tomato, salt, paprika, garlic, Cuttlefish * Prawns

All the ingredients are Spanish and from km 0, mainly from the Valencian Community.



Energy 33 Kcal/139 Kj
Carbohydrates <1,0 g -Of which sugars <0,5 g
Fat 2,4 g -Of which saturated fatty acids 0,39 g
Protein 2,8 g
Salt 0,801 g