Señorio Iberian Acorn-Fed Semicured Blood Morcilla (350g)

Spanish Pig

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 Morcilla dates back to the Middle Ages and is now an established part of Iberian Cuisine. Historically, the word morcilla was simply referred to as “sausage”, but nowadays it is almost always taken to mean blood sausage. In some parts of Spain, mainly in Catalonia and Andalucía they do a morcilla blanca which, as the name suggests, is white as it does not contain blood.

Spain has many regional variations of black pudding, known as morcilla in Spanish. This variety, made in Extremadura, is made using meat from acorn fed pigs. It is delicious in an array of recipes or even just fried and served alongside other cooked breakfast ingredients!

At Spanish Pig, we love grilling a piece of Señorio de Montanero and then serve on a piece of crusty bread with a cold cerveza. Equally satisfying in the famous Asturian fabada or the hearty Cocido Madrileno, a favourite stew across Madrid restaurants in winter. If you aren’t in the mood for a stew then we also like the simplicity of this morcilla and broad bean recipe, which originates from a great Spanish restaurant in London called Moro. While a sausage made with pig’s blood might sound like something you want to leave for the more adventurous foodies in your life, we highly recommend giving it a try. It really is bloody good!

Que bueno!

This product is semi cured and we recommend that you cook it first.