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Spanish Pig Favourites Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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As the name suggests, these are our favourite items at Spanish Pig. Start with the scrumptious Cantabrian Anchovies served simply on some long strips of toast and pour some of our special Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil over them.

Alongside serve the Cambados cockles and Octopus in Olive Oil , you will be amazed with these luxury canned products, they taste like the day they were caught. 

Up next? Serve the two best brands of jamon de bellota that exist in Canada; Joselito and Cinco Jotas (5J). These jamones are out of this World good. If you didn't know what all the fuss was about bellota ham, try these and you will!

Have you ever tried lomo Iberico before? This amazing lomo (pork loin) by Joselito has a touch of smoke and paprika along with a soft texture. Smell the packet as you open it up, the smell is, well, indescribably good! You will be coming back for more after tasting these morsels!

Cut up the aged manchego to serve alongside and maybe a bowl of the ludicrously more-ish Sarasa anchovy stuffed olives. This will be restaurant quality food but served in the comfort of your own home. 

Que aproveche!


* From time to time we may need to replace some ingredients with other favourites (and very similar) products.