Variety Seafood Gift Box

Spanish Pig

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This is a great introduction for those seafood lovers in your life. We stock the widest selection of Spanish canned seafood in Canada and this gift box selects the biggest sellers. From the taste of the sea with the cockles to the unctuous plump mussels. Let's not forget about the high quality tuna loins (we like to make a salad dressing with the olive oil in the jar), then of course there is the much loved and acclaimed Cambados sardines. Rounding it all of with Los Peperetes tender pieces of octopus in olive oil! To have some crunch with all of this we have included some mini breadsticks, a hit with all our customers!


Que aproveche!


Included in the box;

Cockles (111g)

Mussels (120g)

Octopus in Olive oil (120g) 

Small sardines in tomato sauce (111g) 

Tuna loins (185g) 

El Garbo Breadsticks