White Asparagus Catedral de Navarra (345g)

Spanish Pig

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These gourmet vegetables from La Catedral de Navarra boast an outstanding and refined flavour.This brand focuses on preserving the flavor and texture of the recently hand-picked harvested vegetables. Rigor in the quality, and care is taken during handling and processing of the vegetables.

Harvested near their facilities during the night, the asparagus is blanched before peeling so that the skin protects the properties and aromas of the freshly picked vegetable.

This variety of white asparagus is fibre- free, and with the characteristic slightly bitter note of the Denomination. Low calorie product, with a complete range of nutrients, rich in fibre and an excellent diuretic.

Extra thick variety, fibre-free, DOP designation

220 g. Drained weight (6-8 pieces)