Wildfish Cannery Gooseneck Barnacles (percebes) in Brine - 170g

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Gooseneck barnacles, renowned as “the delicacy of the sea,” are a hidden treasure found clinging to rugged coastal rocks in the most remote corners of the world. These extraordinary creatures have captivated culinary enthusiasts for generations with their exquisite flavor and unique appearance – Wild food aficionado and diver, Evan O’Brian and Chef Mathew Scaletta of Wildfish Cannery among them. The two have paired up – O’Brian harvesting by hand along the coastline of Sitka, Alaska, Scaletta preparing and canning – to bring us these remarkable Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine.

Evan O’Brien, an experienced and dedicated harvester, has immersed himself in the rugged beauty of Baranof Island, Alaska, to bring you some of finest gooseneck barnacles available. With immense expertise and utmost care, Evan personally hand-picks each barnacle, ensuring only the highest quality ones make it into your tins.

To preserve the barnacles’ natural flavors and textures, they are carefully prepared and packed in brine by Chef Mathew Scaletta, allowing you to experience the authentic taste of the sea with every bite. This gentle process ensures that the barnacles retain their delicate sweetness, firm texture, and distinctive briny essence.

We must emphasize that these Gooseneck Barnacles in Brine are available in limited quantities due to their rarity. As demand for this extraordinary delicacy is high, we encourage you to claim yours before they’re gone!