Wildfish Cannery Rockfish in Sumac & Dill (170g)

Spanish Pig

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Rockfish Escabéche from Alaska! Variations of escabéche can be found throughout Portugal, Spain, and in Latin America, and have a combination of ingredients in common: a little vinegar, blended perfectly with herbs, spices, and in this case garlic.

Rockfish Escabéche starts with hook-and-line harvested Alaska Rockfish from the Southeast waters around neighboring Ketchikan. Next, the rockfish is marinated in an original Escabéche blend and sealed in the tin. You’ll find that the delicate flakes of Alaska rockfish offer a stunning contrast when marinated in the red Escabéche sauce.

The Rockfish Escabéchec ollaboration brings Hauman’s unique blend of flavors to the tin, pairing the mild white fish with an addictively aromatic and tangy sauce. A spice mix of cumin, coriander, fennel seed, and paprika is balanced by the additions of sherry vinegar and numbing Szechuan peppercorn for a touch of spice. While this may sound curious and perhaps a little intimidating, it’s pretty friendly and approachable, perfect for those looking for a milder tinned fish flavor.