Wildfish Cannery Smoked Salmon Caviar

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Caviar darling!

This smoked salmon caviar from Wildfish Cannery is cured, lightly smoked, then packed by hand into an attractive glass jar to showcase the roe's distinctive large orange pearls.

This caviar adds a festive flair to your dishes. It can be enjoyed straight from the jar, or served with crackers or toast. We love this little hors d'oeuvres of ruffle chips, creme fraiche and caviar for an elegant and fun little accompaniment to drinks.

Wildfish Cannery was founded in 1987 in Klawock, located on Price of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Today, the company is run by Chef Mathew Scaletta, who is dedicated to melding his fine-dining background (honed in foodie paradise Portland, Oregon) with his family’s craft.

  • Ingredients: coho salmon roe, salt, smoke
  • 50g