ABC+ Sardine Roe in Spicy EVOO

Spanish Pig

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These extraordinary delicacies are exceedingly rare to procure. They possess an exquisite fragility and unparalleled distinctiveness, rendering them exclusively reserved for the discerning aficionado of tin-packed delicacies. If you harbour a profound adoration for both the indulgent nuances of caviar and the unmatched allure of sardines, then this culinary masterpiece was crafted exclusively for you. Picture a harmonious symphony of delicate sardine roe, meticulously arranged upon a meticulously toasted slice of immaculate white bread, accompanied by a sumptuous smear of butter (for an opulent twist, consider indulging in truffle-infused butter). And to elevate the experience further, a judicious sprinkling of crumbled egg yolk adds a touch of indulgence that truly exemplifies our preferred presentation.