Ham Carving Services

Experience culinary perfection at your upcoming event with Spanish Pig's Iberico ham carving services! Whether it’s a wedding, private soiree, or any special occasion, our expertise turns gatherings into a gastronomic delight.
Elevate your celebration with the premium carving services of Spanish Pig, and the exceptional flavours of acorn-fed and grain-fed Ibérico ham. 



 We take immense pride in presenting the largest selection of acorn and grain-fed Ibérico ham in Canada. As the sole retailer offering both Joselito and 5J brands (among others), acknowledged as the world's finest hams, we bring an unparalleled gastronomic experience to your table. Jonathan Larrad has a certificate in ham carving and years of experience to ensure precision and finesse in every slice.

For more details on our exquisite ham carving services and premium Ibérico ham selection at your next event, contact us now.