Ati Manel Razor Shells in Brine (8/10)

Spanish Pig

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Firm, clammy, rich, and sweet, Ati Manel’s razor clams in brine are a classic tin done beautifully right.

Hand-harvested from the silty sands of Galicia Spain, the clams come slightly trimmed, making them an excellent choice for cooking, but whole enough to gorgeously showcase on your next board of pintxos. Try them on garlic-rubbed crostini with piquillo peppers or chopped in a quick ceviche with fresh chilis, shallot, and lime.

TASTING: al dente, fatty, briny

PAIRING: vodka martini, Castrevano olives, dry Riesling

INGREDIENTS: Razor Clams, Water, Salt

CAUGHT IN: Galicia